Weird Bra Avoids Wrinkles, But May Ruin Sex Life

If you're worried about your boobs, you aren't alone. It seems that even as we sleep at night, our breasts are growing wrinkled and ugly. Luckily, now there is a bra for that.

The La Decollette Sleeping Beauty bra is kind of like the opposite of a normal bra. While a normal bra is built to support your breasts and lift them up, this is built with the bra cups cut out and a sort of T-strap running up the middle of your chest. Allegedly, this is to be worn at night to avoid “cleavage wrinkles.”

Until about 20 minutes ago, I wasn't aware that I COULD have cleavage wrinkles. But I do know now that if I wear this bra to bed, I won't be getting laid that night. Or possibly ever again.


It's one of those weird beauty things that never make any sense. We're supposed to do so many overnight beauty treatments in order to be more attractive and, presumably, to get laid more, but most of us are bringing those beauty treatments to bed.

Not surprisingly, it's a turn off. If you wear zit cream to bed, your husband is probably not going to rock the night moves on you. You may think he pledged to love and cherish you until death do you part and he did, but that doesn't mean he wants to get busy with a green-faced monster wearing curlers, a retainer, and this weird contraption on their boobs.

Wear this and I'm thinking "not tonight dear" will become his new favorite phrase.

Look, we all know it would be sexier to not have a wrinkled decolletage, but your guy is going to forgive that a whole lot faster than he will forgive you for wearing this weird thing to bed each night. Trust me, he would rather see your bare chest, sag or no sag, any day of the week.

Would you try this thing?


Image via La Decollete

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