Good News for Moms: The 'Dowdy' Look Is In!

If there is one thing we moms rarely are, it's fashionable. We may have been at some point, but between the lack of sleep and lack of showers and lack of basic time to attend to haircuts, maintenance, or even makeup application, we're usually looking ever so slightly frumpy. And now, it seems, that's in.


Jezebel may say there is a fine line between dowdy-chic, a look made famous by Rachel Berry on Glee, and just plain dowdy, but we moms need all the help we can get. The definition of dowdy is antiquated, lacking style, and frumpy. All of these things, sadly, can be said about moms. Most of us are still wearing clothing we bought before the baby was even born. And the baby is 5. But there is hope.

Here are some "dowdy" looks we can rock:


Maxi dress from Etsy, $105:

This dress is a lot like the one that Rachel Berry wore on Glee when she threw her big raging party. It's also a great dress for a busy mom to throw on and stay comfortable and, apparently, is fashionable as well.

Fringe dress from Etsy, $42:

This dress is a little bit boho, a little bit dowdy, and a lot cute. It isn't expensive and is easy to throw on over anything to add a little dowdy "style."

The good thing about this look is that it shouldn't be all that difficult to replicate and you won't have to spend a lot of money. Do you have an old cardigan? A long skirt? Some tights? Anything argyle will do. Wear conservative clothing and clothing that is a little out of style and you will be in like Flynn (ha!). It's a perfect look for moms, so rock it and enjoy it.

Do you go dowdy-chic?


Image via Fox

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