Bad Ass Beauty Queen Competes With Nothing On

tiaraIf this was last year, I might say that the only people who compete in beauty pageants are dumb blondes. But now, in 2011, I'm changing my stereotype to dumb blondes and bald chicks. You heard me.

This weekend, Sandra Dubose-Gibson was crowned the 2011 Mrs. Black North Carolina. (Note the "Mrs." She's a married mother of two.) And she's completely bald. As in no hair. Not-a-one. Nothin' there. You know, kind of like Miss Delaware, Kayla Martell.

Like Kayla, Sandra also suffers from alopecia -- a disease that causes the body's immune system to attack hair follicles. But unlike Kayla, Sandra opted to compete without a wig. Bold. I like it.

Would I be able to do the same thing? Mmm, probably not.


Well, let me start by saying I would never compete in a beauty pageant period. Despite the fact that there's probably an age limit I definitely surpass, it's never been my thing. Not even when I was 8. Back then, I was watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and making up dances with my little sister to Cyndi Lauper songs. My parents loved sitting through a 30-minute extravaganza each night that entailed two side-ponied nitwits lip-syncing to "She Bop." But I digress. Bottom line: not a fan of pageants.

What I do like, though, is women breaking the mold in this age-old "who's prettier" contest. Not only is it nauseating to watch the same fake-boobed, veneer-sporting blonde chick over and over again, it's boring! (I said I didn't like pageants, I didn't say I never watched them for five minutes while channel surfing.)

Back to my original question, though: If I were a beauty pageant kind of gal, would I be able to compete wigless? I hate to say it, but probably not. I don't think I'd have the -- for lack of a better word -- balls to go through with it. I would feel naked. Stared at. Exposed. I think it takes a special kind of lady (dare I say "fierce"?) who can enter a beauty pageant -- a competition that solely rests on looks (oh, those questions at the end don't count; we all know it!) -- and challenge what the judges' (and everyone else) think of "pretty." I wish it were different, but that lady is not me.

So, with Kayla and Sandra, maybe pageants are a-changin'. Maybe they're not just for "dumb blondes" anymore. Maybe they're for trail-blazing women who will change society's image of women. Perhaps there will soon be a portion of the competition where contestants are asked to write an essay on the effects of the Afghanistan war on the U.S. economy!

Probably not. But in the meantime at least we have Sandra and Kayla.

What do you think about all these bald beauty pageant contestants?


Image via .jennifer donley./Flickr

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