The World's Most Expensive Manicure

Iced ManicureIs your regular manicurist leaving you with the blahs?

Then honey, you need an Iced Manicure!

If you opt for one, manicure company Cherish...ME promises to "adorn your hands in 10 carats of Diamonds!"

The price?

A cool $51,000.


Of course, Cherish...ME won't allow just anyone off the street to get an Iced Manicure ... if you want one for yourself, you must first meet with the company's owner and her "team of diamond manicurists."

Believe it or not, this isn't the only gem-encrusted manicure available out there. Leighton Denny, head manicurist at Urban Retreat in London, has been offering the Diamond, Sapphire, and Ruby Encapsulation since at least 2005. He'll embed 9 carats of gems in your nails for the comparatively low price of $32,000. Check it ...

According to Denny, Arab princesses fly to London just to get this manicure.

Bling. Bling.

Sometimes, I'm glad I'm not a billionaire. Staying on top of these kinds of trends must be EXHAUSTING.

Would you get a $51,000 manicure if you could afford one?


Image via Cherish...ME

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