Lifestyle Lift: Would You Do It?

Lifestyle LiftI've seen a lot of work done on the faces of aging women around town, and I have to say that at least 85% of it looks awful.

For one thing, it's often incredibly noticeable when you've had work done on your face. You no longer look like yourself. Instead, you look like some weird alternate version of yourself, which is creepy to everyone who has ever known you.

Add to that the expense and the recovery time and ... NO THANK YOU.

That said, I've become embarrassingly addicted to the Lifestyle Lift infomercials -- I was so impressed by the before and after photos that I had decided when the time comes, I WOULD TOTALLY DO IT.

And then I saw the online complaints ...


First of all, it's not like I'm sitting around watching Lifestyle Lift infomercials -- but one happened to be on while I was recording movies on my DVR yesterday and I found myself drawn in by the amazing before and after photos.

I have this thing about the chicken neck -- that flap of skin that hangs down beneath your chin as you age. In my opinion, nothing makes a person look older than that, and since Lifestyle Lift's primary benefit seemed to be getting rid of that thing, I thought it seemed like a fantastic idea.

What's more, the infomercial seemed to imply that it takes only about a week of recovery time and that you're awake while the procedure is done.

Seemed like a great idea to me.

In the interest of accuracy, though, I looked up Lifestyle Lift reviews on and, frankly, the complaints have scared me off again.

Check out this woman's review (AND PICTURES!! OMG!). Her Lifestyle Lift procedures cost a total of $10,600 (!!!!!) and here's what she had to say:

They never said how many Months it would take for the pain to subside, because they never mentioned any pain. Of course, I knew there would be some pain, but never DREAMED in my wildest NIGHTMARES that it would be so bad.

This woman also included some pretty scary photos:

I can not open my mouth wide enough to eat a burger and my ears, jaw, and under my chin are all numb. The tech asked if I had sharp pains in them as this is the sign of the nerves healing and I have not had any of that and don't expect to.

Others had good things to say about Lifestyle Lift:

I had my lift April 2010 and I am very pleased. I went home in May for a class reunion and everyone told me how great I looked. It brought me to tears. I had always had a double chin even as a teen and was very self conscience because they use to tease me.

I hated my turkey neck and decided to get rid of it. The Valium didn't work well for me and the numbing injections were uncomfortable. But the overall experience was great and I would do it again.

All in all, there were 331 reviews of Lifestyle Lift on the site and only 48% said they'd recommend it. Also, the average cost of the procedure was $5,800.

I'm sure that the effectiveness of the procedure has A LOT to do with the skill of the doctor, but from these reviews, it seems like a real crapshoot.

In other words, I don't think I'll be getting Lifestyle Lift.

How about you? Care to change my mind?


Image via Lifestyle Lift

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