Reese Witherspoon Wedding: Do These Photos Make You Angry?

Reese Witherspoon WeddingCelebrities are a pampered bunch and I believe that a reasonable amount of paparazzi shots and public criticism are the prices they pay for their exalted status.

Some things, though, are sacred, and weddings should be one of them.

That's why the photos that have emerged of Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth's weekend wedding are really p*ssing me off.


Reese, perhaps crazily, opted to marry her talent agent beau in a ceremony under a tent outside her Ojai, California home.

Dozens of photos were taken of the big event ...

All from the sky.

That means they came from helicopters.


Over a wedding ceremony.

Is nothing off limits to the paparazzi?

And the photographers were pretty relentless, taking shot after shot after shot from the sky of wedding guests, including a couple making out in what they thought was a secluded spot around the corner.


As a bride, I would be beside myself if my carefully planned big day went off not to the gentle strains of "Canon in D", but the ground-shaking whir of helicopter blades.

One also has to wonder, though, why Reese didn't make her wedding more of a secret, or take the whole thing indoors, which is what I probably would have done had I been her.

However, I firmly believe that she shouldn't have had to. Paparazzi need a code of ethics to follow. I'd like to see them agree as professionals not to photograph the children of celebrities unless they have the parent's permission. And I think helicopter shots of weddings and funerals should be completely off-limits.

What do you think?


Image via Splash News

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