Jennifer Aniston Declares the End of the White Girl Weave

jennifer anistonFirst Jennifer Aniston did it. Then Katherine Heigl. Now model-turned-actress Brooklyn Decker has cut her hair, too! What's going on, ladies? Is this a new trend? Do I need to hit up my salon on the way home? Or is it just -- you're all sick of the white girl weave? That's what it is!

Ever since Star Magazine and US Weekly have become staples in every nail salon and library in the world, female celebs have had long hair. And they haven't just had Just-Past-the-Shoulders-Really-Pretty Hair, they've had Waist-Length-What-Kind-of-Deal-Do-You-Have-With-Satan kind of hair. I mean, locks have been long. Lustrous. Healthy. Totally not normal! But as the veil between celebrity and mere mortal has thinned throughout the years, we've learned that they all just have extensions.

Why are they getting rid of them now, though?


My guess is it's because the veil between celeb and mortal has become so thin. And by that I mean we can all get extensions now! Just walk into any beauty supply store -- there's Jessica Simpson, staring back at us with her HairDo line. Dancing With the Stars even has a line now!

Let's face it. Extensions are everywhere. They're on reality show stars, they're on mistresses, they're on the girl sitting across from you on the bus. So, that makes them less chic (not that they necessarily ever were), less coveted, less ... fancy. And especially since pretty much every single Real Housewives member is sporting them now, well, I can see why Jennifer and Brooklyn may want to change up their look a bit.

This mass exodus of hair makes me wonder: What's more important to female celebrities -- looking good or being different? I would like to think it's the former, but I kind of feel (know) it's the latter.

And besides, it's a catch 22. Now that Jennifer, and Brooklyn, and Katherine have all cut their hair, you know their fans will, too. Because they're trend-setters. So, this will just put them in the same position again -- looking like everyone else (sort of).

Anyway, I hate to say it, but I think they all look better with long hair. I give Jennifer two months tops before she gets her weave on again.

What do you think of Jennifer, Katherine, and Brooklyn's new hairdos?


Image via Splash News

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