J. Lo Makeup Disaster Even Scares Clowns

Jennifer LopezThere's a lot to hate when it comes to Jennifer Lopez. She's so beautiful, so talented, and so lovable that it's maddening. She's got everything! The high cheekbones, the flawless skin tone, and her easy laugh make her one of the most sympathetic characters in all of Hollywood. But sometimes, just sometimes, she makes a teeny tiny little mistake in her makeup and wardrobe choices. I hate calling her out on anything because I have this fantasy that we'll meet one day and become instant best friends, but in this case, I must.

If you were wondering who that clown was sitting between Randy and Steven Tyler, I have the answer.


It was our girl J. Lo. I know! You didn't recognize her. There were so many issues with her hair, makeup, and outfit on Wednesday night that I tried to get a hold of Ryan Seacrest to tell him to go over to her and wipe that clown-makeup off her face. He has experience remember, doing so with Haley the week before when her lipstick took over her teeth, cheek, and chin.

But his cellphone must have been on silent because he didn't pick up, and there J. Lo remained looking like Bozo dressed for a Sock Hop. Let's start with her hair because that was really the least of her worries. It looked dry. I said it! OK. That was a good warm up to get into the bigger issues now.

Her outfit. As you remember, it was Motown night. Motown, as we all know, was popular during the '60s and into the '70s. J. Lo was a little confused though, and dressed in a poodle skirt with a baby-pink sequin top -- which is from the '50s. I'm not saying she should dress in costume according to the night's theme -- in fact, quite the contrary. But if she insists on wearing period pieces, at least match them to the music's decade, lest we all be confused.

Her makeup. This is where it gets hard. J. Lo, don't hold this against me, but ... you looked ridiculous. The sea foam green eyeshadow that went up to your brow is where you lost me. See, I'm a fan of exaggerated blush. BIG fan, so I didn't really take issue with the circles of rouge on her face. But I will not stand for the eyeshadow. Which leads me to the eyebrows. Again, massive fan of thick eyebrows, but her filler made her look like Andy Rooney caught in a windstorm. Those caterpillars were monstrous, and if I'm honest, a little disconcerting.

I know J. Lo won't let us down again, it's just not in her benign nature to disappoint humankind. God simply wouldn't let that happen. And by God I mean Seacrest.

What did you think of J. Lo's makeup?

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