Pepperberry: Clothing for Women With Boobs!

PepperberryRemember that British bra-maker that introduced the L-Cup bra a few months ago?

Bravissimo is a London-based retailer that specializes in undergarments and clothing for women with ... boobs.

Now, they're expanding their clothing line and giving it its own name: Pepperberry.

And I'm completely in love with the concept -- and the clothes.

Pepperberry starts at U.S. size six and offers its dresses with three different bustline options: Curvy, Really Curvy, and Super Curvy.

For anyone who "suffers" with larger boobs, this concept is REVOLUTIONARY.

Want to know why? Read on!


I'm a 34C, which I don't think is all that big -- yet I frequently try on dresses that are way too tight in the bustline, but fit perfectly in the waist and hips (J.CREW, I'M LOOKING AT YOU).

Consequently, I either have to get a size up or have the dress tailored. Yuck.

Here are Pepperberry's simple guidelines to its sizing options:

Curvy: Ideal if your clothes tend to pull a little across the boobs.

Really Curvy: This may be good for you if you tend to go up roughly a dress size in tops and dresses to get a good fit over your boobs.

Super Curvy: If you nearly always have to consider what shapes to buy, as well as having to go up a couple of dress sizes to accomodate your boobs, then Super Curvy may be for you.

I fall somewhere between Curvy and Really Curvy, and Pepperberry makes many of its clothes to be dual-sized, so it all works out. Not only is this a FANTASTIC IDEA, but Pepperberry's clothing is seriously cute! In addition to the Full Fifties Dress (Pepperberry, $111.52) pictured above, here are a few more of my favorite Pepperberry pieces:

PepperberryThis Spot Prom Dress is $88.90. I love its form-fitting waistline. I don't think I've ever been able to wear a dress cut like this that doesn't hang on me a bit, simply because of the boob issue.


PepperberryThis Bow Tie Dress (Pepperberry, $95.36) is another adorable option.


PepperberryPepperberry offers tops (and bottoms and coats) too! This Jersey Scoop Neck Top (Pepperberry, $46.87) is a very flattering cut for fuller-bosomed women.

As far as international shipping, the price really isn't bad ($12.85 for anywhere in the world when I put a dress in my shopping cart), but I'm really hoping Pepperberry expands to the United States. The concept is a good one, but the clothing has to be cute and well made as well. Pepperberry has it just right.

What do you think of the Pepperberry concept and clothing line?


Images via Pepperberry

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