L.L.Bean Offers Permanent Free Shipping: It's About Time!

L.L. BeanL.L.Bean is making waves now that it has announced permanent free shipping -- with no minimum order!

Analysts say this is the direction that the entire retail industry is headed.



L.L.Bean is following in the footsteps of popular footwear purveyor Zappos.com, which also offers free shipping with no strings attached.

And it looks like it's only a matter of time before more major retailers follow this trend.

According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, between 40 and 45 percent of all online purchases this holiday season included free shipping. That's up 10 percent from last year.

To be honest, I'm surprised it has taken retailers this long to offer free shipping. With so many purchases being made online, free shipping is a great way to put yourself ahead of the competition. Free shipping absolutely makes a difference in where and what I decide to order online.

Cross your fingers, girls. With any luck, shipping charges will soon become another one of those archaic things we tell our kids about, like LPs, rotary phones, and dial-up Internet.

What do you think of L.L.Bean's new shipping policy?


Image via L.L.Bean

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