Sperm Jeans. You're Welcome.

Sperm JeansApparently, it is the day of weird men's pants here on She's Still Got It, because these jeans have just been brought to my attention.

Yes, those are sperm.

And that makes these jeans ...

Sperm jeans.

No one seems to know who they belong to or where they came from, but the photo is making the rounds on the Internet and, as you can imagine, it's getting LOTS of attention.

Someone posted the photo on Reddit and the comments are almost funny as the jeans themselves.

Read on to see some of my favorites ...


Here's just a sampling ...

Tadpole Trousers? Sperm Slacks? Jism Jeans? Jeans with Genes?

Are they Dickies brand?

Designer Genes come to mind.

Bwah ha ha ha ha!

Another commenter posted this photo of these $139.95 (unintentional) sperm running shoes! Niiiiiiice.

Sperm Sneakers

A little more investigation eventually revealed that the sperm pants are from ... Etsy!


They've been purchased, too, for $100, so you're out of luck, my sperm-jeans-coveting friends.


However, this pair is still available for $70 ...

Sperm Jeans

Anyone? Anyone?

What do you think of these sperm jeans?

Images via Etsy, Reddit

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