Backless Pants: Could This Men's Trend Catch On?

Luar ZepolLadies! Is your man's wardrobe getting a bit ... boring?

What he needs is a pair of backless pants!

Yes, from designer Raul Lopez, men now can add convertible pants to their closet.

When things get hot on Wall Street, all the successful businessman has to do is roll up the backs of his pants.

Voila! Instant "air conditioning"!

I can picture these pants coming in handy for men in a range of professions.

For the chef: It gets hot in the kitchen!

For the preacher: It gets hot behind that pulpit!

For the President: It gets hot in the Oval Office!

These pants also allow men who've had calf implants to strut their stuff, even in a suit!

CONVERTIBLE PANTS! What took designers so long to come up with such an obvious concept?!



Convertible PantsRaul Lopez designed these innovative pants for his new label, Luar Zepol. Hmmmm. I wonder where that highly inventive name came from???????

The sad thing is, I could actually see my husband thinking these pants are a fantastic idea.


What about yours? Would your man wear these backless pants?

Would you let him?


Images via Luar Zepol

Thanks to reader Ana for sending me the link!

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