'America's Next Top Model' Recap: A CoverGirl Infomercial From Hell

America's Next Top ModelLast night's episode of America's Next Top Model didn't actually take place. Nope, The CW pulled it. Decided it wasn't entertaining enough. See ya later Tyra Banks. Your new weave just isn't doing it for us.

OK OK OK ... so it was on in its normal 8 p.m. time-slot. But really, I could hardly tell you what was happening. Actually, I can just barely recount that they ended up sending model Dalya home. Because the only things I really heard during the entire show were these phrases: CoverGirl CoverGirl CoverGirl CoverGirl CoverGirl Rachel Zoe Faux Fur Rachel Zoe CoverGirl CoverGirl ... CoverGirl.

Seriously, are you just about as sick of product placement on primetime TV as I am?


For the first half hour of last night's episode of Cycle 16, the girls were asked to act out a commercial for CoverGirl.com. Each model was assigned the role of talent, writer, or director, were then paired as one of three teams, and were then told that the winner's commercial would go LIVE on the site (like OMG!).

As the next 30 minutes of the CoverGirl commercial show continued, viewers learned allllllll about the CoverGirl liquid foundation that feels "light and airy" and some sort of eyeshadow, oh, and there was a lip balm. Dalya has a problem remembering the full name of a product, but not to worry -- she is reassured of the correct name, repeated twice by model companion baby-faced Jaclyn, and we're good to go. Without hesitation, I can say that the girls probably used the word CoverGirl just about as many times as your teenage daughter uses "like" or "um" in a sentence.

And as soon as we were done hearing all about CoverGirl (shudder), it was on to a photo shoot for soon-to-be momma Rachel Zoe's faux fur line. The girls were paired with the cutest baby jaguar, jazzed up in some faux, and BAM -- instant fierceness. The feline fun was followed up with your usual roundup of model cattiness brought about by Alexandria, a self-assured I'm-better-than-everyone-here kinda diva who absolutely everyone (including me) wants to get the boot. Unfortunately, the hell-raiser can take a good picture. So ... she's safe, for now. Dalya? Not so much. See ya later alligator.

I don't know, ladies. I understand that everyone in the world needs to make a buck or two, and that product placement is an easy way for companies to get their names and items out there. But when it gets in the way of me enjoying my regularly scheduled programming -- it becomes LESS effective, and really, just a plain hassle. I couldn't really tell you the first thing about the products featured. But here I am, ranting about their very existence on this earth. To me, that's a massive fail -- don't you think? I can only pray that next week T. Banks just sticks to photoshoots and runways. I'd much rather watch the 8 remaining ladies walk through fire any day.

What do you think about product placement on your favorite shows? Does it bother you, too?

Image via The CW

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