Elizabeth Taylor Dies and the World Loses a Fashion Icon (PHOTOS)

FlickrI was so sad to read the news this morning that Elizabeth Taylor has died.

As a child, she was one of my favorite film stars and I wanted to grow up to look just like her.

I think I watched nearly every one of her many movies.

American fashion was heavily influenced by Elizabeth Taylor's sense of style.

She was refined, yet unabashedly sexy. She had curves (check out that teeny tiny waist!). She had those amazing violet eyes. She was a true superstar and carried herself like one.

Let's take a look back at some amazing photos of this gorgeous film and fashion icon ...






Part of Taylor's appeal was that she always had a flair for the dramatic. This is evident even in early photos of her. She owned her sexuality in a way that other film stars couldn't match. She always had a man by her side, and yet she never came across as trashy.


Elizabeth TaylorI love that even as a teenager, Elizabeth had those brows impeccably groomed. It was one of her hallmarks.


Elizabeth TaylorAnd oh! Her style! Elizabeth Taylor made having a womanly, voluptuous body seem imminently desirable. She was always immaculately turned out, and I have often read that it took her hours to get ready each day, nearly right up to the end.


Elizabeth TaylorI love this photo of a young Elizabeth Taylor in ballet costume, with matching (gasp!) heels.


FlickrThis is how I like most to remember Elizabeth Taylor. She's young, fit, flawless, and brimming over with confidence. And I COVET this dress!


Elizabeth TaylorAnd here she is at the Oscars with actor Michael Todd. She looks better in this candid shot than 99% of today's celebs that hit the red carpet!

RIP, Elizabeth Taylor. You will be missed.

What was your favorite Elizabeth Taylor fashion moment?


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