Wear My Gym Clothes in Public? I'd Rather Go Naked!


gym clothes in publicI love Tim Gunn. Back when Project Runway was still on Bravo and I watched it religiously, he was half the reason I tuned in. He seemed like such a polite man who had a killer fashion sense and a heart of gold. 

I have a bone to pick with him right now, though. Tim Gunn -- sweet, kind Tim Gunn -- is suggesting that we should never wear our workout clothes in public. Actually, he's not suggesting it -- he's demanding it. He recently said to Shape magazine, “Gym clothes in public? Never! Change at the gym!”

Change at the gym? That's one of the craziest things I've ever heard, Tim Gunn. What planet are you living on? Do you think I just have a few extra hours lying around all the time? And gym showers are g-r-o-s-s!

I don't think Tim gets it. Frankly, I don't think he understands what this entails because I don't think he goes to a gym. If he does work out, he probably has a personal trainer come to his house or something else that's fancy and civilized. And he probably has his gym clothes tailored.

It's not like I like being seen out and about in yoga pants and sports bras (and this is typically when one runs into ex-boyfriends), but unless I'm going straight to the gym from somewhere, like work, I wouldn't dream of not going in my workout clothes. That's crazy talk. I'd rather a few people (you) look at me funny than waste all that time changing and stuffing a locker.

As for coming home in gym clothes? Yeah, okay, it's a little gross, but I'm a woman of convenience. I'm the type of person who will pay a $3 surcharge at an ATM because I don't want to walk the few extra blocks to my bank. Sue me.

In fact, while we're on the subject, I'll let you in on another little secret, too: I walk my dog -- and sometimes go to the grocery store -- in sweatpants. What do you think of that?! There is no way in holy hell that I am "getting dressed" when I wake up to take Onion (that's my dog) for a walk.

Do I get a few double takes if my husband and I are at the local bodega and I'm donning some sexy blue sweats? Yes. Do I care? A little. (This was much more acceptable when I lived in Los Angeles. New York doesn't seem to embrace this look as much.)

But like I said, I'm a woman of convenience, Tim Gunn. Please -- I ask that you look past my spandex and hoodies, and love me anyway. 'Cause I still love you.

Do you think it's weird to wear gym clothes in public?


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nonmember avatar Cat

Wow...that's ALL I wear! First, I run with my dog. So wearing running clothes is obviously a must. Even times when we don't run, we're walking at a very fast pace (a walk for my dog-a pit mix-does not constitute a stroll around the neighborhood for 20 minutes) and still wearing running clothes. I walk or bike everywhere. I go to yoga and to a boxing gym. Am I going to dress up to ride my bike to a dirty, sweaty, gritty BOXING gym? HEEEEELLLLL no!!

That said, I have invested in quality, functional, stylish pieces that I know look great on me. Everything is fitted, has clean lines, nothing looks sloppy or ill-fitting. I'm a big fan of Gap Body Fit, because everything is cute and goes on sale!

I'm sure Tim Gunn has a personal trainer who comes to his house...even if I could afford that, I'd still do the things I do today and wear the clothes I wear doing them!

Pbutt... Pbuttercup0625

When I see people in gym clothes in public just wandering around all I can think is that they are purposely shoving their "I work out every day and therefore healthier and better then you" holier the thou attitude. Unless you are actually running in those clothes (running not that crap half walk you call "jogging") then you need to not wear your gym clothes in public.  I could not agree more with Tim Gunn on this. I'm so glad someone finally said it.  And the only time its acceptable to go out in public in sweatpants is when you are camping and you are staggering from  your tent to the bathroom and back.  Its not that hard to throw on a tshirt, jeans, sweatshirt and sneakers.  You've been dressing yourself for years, it shouldn't take more then a minute or two.

Christeen Conrad

I put on my gym clothes before I leave the house and sometimes stop some where. I did it while I was in the Army, I don't see anything wrong with doing it now. Some people seem jealous or mad someone is working out...seriously?

Nancy Wilhelm

At the very least, throw a shirt on when you are out and about not working out. (running, jogging, whatever) I really don't want to see anyone, fit or not, Jillian Michaels or fat Sally, wearing a sports bra in the grocery store. It has nothing to do with I think they think they are better than me, it's about decorum. You wouldn't show up to grandma's house wearing that, don't go to the grocery store in it. Especially if you are coming back from the gym. I'd really rather you not sweat all over the apples.

PonyC... PonyChaser

There's a difference between "wearing gym clothes in public" and "wearing GYM CLOTHES in public".  The first is most of the people here... sweats to walk the dog or run to the store when it's housecleaning day, or whatever. Cute fitted yoga pants that double as cute regular pants. Fine. Cute and fine. (or maybe not cute, but old, functional, and fine)

But then there are GYM CLOTHES. These are the old ones that you really DO wear to the gym. The ones that you've just spent an hour or two or three sweating all over. They're probably soaked through, maybe they're dry, but they were soaked through. And unless you're the one person on earth who doesn't have some sort of odor when you sweat, they probably stink, too. That's ok, it's normal. But then you're going to transfer that sweat and stink to your car when you drive home from the gym?? You're going to wear those nasty, sweaty, stinky clothes to the grocery? Please don't. The onions smell bad enough.

Take a shower, please. It doesn't take long, and unless you work out in a dive or a dump, those locker rooms are plenty clean.

nonmember avatar Faith

I couldn't give a flying hoot what someone else wears. It's none of my business. I don't think anyone ever died after having seen another human being in workout clothes outside of the gym. If this topic bothers you so much, you really don't have a life. There are so many others things to be concerned with in the world today.

nonmember avatar missy

i live in gym-type clothes and sundresses spring, summer, and fall. these are not ratty old t-shirts, sweaty sports bras, or mens b-ball shorts. they are yoga pants and danceskin pieces. i am all about comfort, and have been since long before i had kids.

Carrie Humphrey

I wear my Lululemon everywhere and am proud of it.

nonmember avatar jlp

Gym clothes in public are gross.

JustL... JustLikeMyMom62

I dont care about Gym clothes (prior to the workout!) or yoga pants/comfy clothes I get but I do think pajama pants are a tad ridiculous.  Grown men and women in public in their pajamas?  ummm NO!  lol Yesterday there was a man at the resturant we were dining at in Superhero pants. Superhero. pants.

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