Wear My Gym Clothes in Public? I'd Rather Go Naked!

gym clothes in publicI love Tim Gunn. Back when Project Runway was still on Bravo and I watched it religiously, he was half the reason I tuned in. He seemed like such a polite man who had a killer fashion sense and a heart of gold. 

I have a bone to pick with him right now, though. Tim Gunn -- sweet, kind Tim Gunn -- is suggesting that we should never wear our workout clothes in public. Actually, he's not suggesting it -- he's demanding it. He recently said to Shape magazine, “Gym clothes in public? Never! Change at the gym!”

Change at the gym? That's one of the craziest things I've ever heard, Tim Gunn. What planet are you living on? Do you think I just have a few extra hours lying around all the time? And gym showers are g-r-o-s-s!


I don't think Tim gets it. Frankly, I don't think he understands what this entails because I don't think he goes to a gym. If he does work out, he probably has a personal trainer come to his house or something else that's fancy and civilized. And he probably has his gym clothes tailored.

It's not like I like being seen out and about in yoga pants and sports bras (and this is typically when one runs into ex-boyfriends), but unless I'm going straight to the gym from somewhere, like work, I wouldn't dream of not going in my workout clothes. That's crazy talk. I'd rather a few people (you) look at me funny than waste all that time changing and stuffing a locker.

As for coming home in gym clothes? Yeah, okay, it's a little gross, but I'm a woman of convenience. I'm the type of person who will pay a $3 surcharge at an ATM because I don't want to walk the few extra blocks to my bank. Sue me.

In fact, while we're on the subject, I'll let you in on another little secret, too: I walk my dog -- and sometimes go to the grocery store -- in sweatpants. What do you think of that?! There is no way in holy hell that I am "getting dressed" when I wake up to take Onion (that's my dog) for a walk.

Do I get a few double takes if my husband and I are at the local bodega and I'm donning some sexy blue sweats? Yes. Do I care? A little. (This was much more acceptable when I lived in Los Angeles. New York doesn't seem to embrace this look as much.)

But like I said, I'm a woman of convenience, Tim Gunn. Please -- I ask that you look past my spandex and hoodies, and love me anyway. 'Cause I still love you.

Do you think it's weird to wear gym clothes in public?


Image via CamelCrusher1978/Flickr

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