Pass the Mac & Cheese, Spanx Makes Swimsuits


woman in blue swimsuitWouldn't it be great if we didn't have to worry about getting our bodies swimsuit ready for the summer? Wouldn't it be wonderful to not have to wake up at the crack of dawn to fit in a workout before work? Wouldn't it be amazing if you could spend all those hours at the gym eating or sleeping instead?

Well, what if I told you that you don't have to do a thing to get ready for bikini season? What if I told you that Spanx ... made bathing suits?

Well, it's true! Spanx, purveyors of thin waists and slim thighs, now has a swimsuit line, and let me tell you, it is ... interesting.






First, let's discuss the styles. Some, like this one, are kind of cute.


woman in spanx swimsuit

It's plain, modern, stylish, and won't draw the wrong kind of attention.

Others, like this one, I default to the much overused phrase: Not so much.

woman in spanx swimsuit

That isn't a swimsuit. It's a dress. You don't need to pay $198 to wear a plain black dress in the ocean or pool. Which leads me to -- $198?! Why are all these bathing suits so expensive? Last time I checked, Target had some pretty cute one-pieces for $19.99.

Second, let's discuss the above model. That is not a Spanx model -- that is a Rebecca Romijn-lookalike supermodel! What is she doing modeling Spanx? Aren't Spanx supposed to be for real women, women with curves? Not only does that woman look like a size two on a bad day, she looks air-brushed as all get out! Look at her legs, people! They are two perfectly airbrushed sticks, with a gap between them as wide as the Grand Canyon.

So, in my opinion, this is not the best advertising for Spanx Swimsuits. This makes me feel a touch lied to by Spanx Swimsuits. A tad toyed with by Spanx Swimsuits.

It still is a good idea, though. I think they should just put a real woman in the campaign, and maybe throw in a few before and afters? Then I'm on board. And I think that would make everyone go crazy over Spanx Swimsuits.

What do you think of the Spanx Swimsuits?


Images (top to bottom): Alaskan Dude/Flickr;

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Lynette Lynette

I would really like to try one on and see what it looks like on my body

sunny... sunnybunny5us

The only problem is they cost about 10X what I am willing to pay for a bathing suit.

Beths... Bethsunshine

I refuse to pay that much for a bathing suit. Target and Walmart have really cute, flattering bathing suits for $30-$40.

iLuVk... iLuVkAidEn

I would get one if they weren't so expensive!

winte... winterrose82

Hey, I like the swim dress! I wouldn't pay $200 for it though. 

chanc... chance010507

hmm, maybe someone should tell her that her swimsuit is see through and I can see her landing strip...ahem...

nonmember avatar Alexandra

Sign me up and pass the mac and cheese!!

Addys... Addys_Mom

I have a swim dress and i love it... I think you and i have verrrry different fashion sense

nonmember avatar Guest

Why worry about any of these things? Just don't go to the beach. Problem solved.

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