Vera Bradley Is a Cult & I Don't Get It

Even in a bum economy, Vera Bradley is up on top. The manufacturer and purveyor of quilted handbags and luggage was on top of Wall Street last week and a sale today propelled them to the top of Google trends, too. I guess there's a lot of money in Hallmark handbags?

I, for one, don't get the appeal. But I'm the only one in my city it seems. Even in cities where fashion is at a premium, there are those who are devoted to their Veras. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. Their luggage is a little more classic and traditional, but their handbags are often super girly, and some of their most famous patterns have flowers and bright colors. 

Certainly, they are pretty. I have a couple myself. But the devotion that requires devotees to purchase the full line of matching wallet, overnight bag, tennis racket cover, and glasses case in "my" color is a bit creepy.


The thing is, they remind me of something a 55-year-old in the Deep South would carry to her country club. They don't reek of young, vibrant city chic, and yet that is exactly who loves them (in addition to the people you might suspect would like them).

College students love them, high school students love them, and in any major city, you will spot the preppiest, prettiest girl on the subway carrying her Vera Bradley overnight bag. Part of it may be the price. The simple totes are only around $44, which fits most high school budgets. But even so, I maintain that this is a fad that is only a fad because it's a fad. And yet it lasts.

I bought my first bag more than 12 years ago and they're still just as popular, only I would never carry mine. It was never me to begin with. Honestly, the only reason I bought my bag was because everyone had one.

I swear that is the reason most people are carrying them. After all, how else do you explain it? There are so few trends that are also affordable, right? Maybe this is just that perfect sweet spot of affordable and cute?

I will continue not to get it and others will continue to buy it and the world will go on, but still. Like many trends, I'm so confused. I get UGGs and I get Crocs. They are comfy/trendy. But a handbag is not comfy. So what is it?

Can someone explain this to me?


Image via Vera Bradley

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