Stephanie Seymour: New President of the Hot Moms Club?

Stephanie SeymourThe paparazzi just can't get enough of Stephanie Seymour lately.

The 42-year-old mother and former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model has been enjoying time on the beach with her children in a series of tantalizing bikinis, and getting quite a bit of press coverage because of it.

And why not?

Girlfriend's still got it -- she might as well show it off!

Of course, it's not unusual for a celebrity mother to show some skin.

But there's something in particular about Stephanie Seymour that I really like ...


Her body, while rockin', looks natural. Normal. Healthy.

Sure Stephanie's gained some weight since her Victoria's Secret days, but that's to be expected.

I'm just pleased that she's got confidence enough to still show that body off, 20 years later. It tells me that there's more to her than her looks.

So many celebrity moms seem like they're still grasping at the straws of their youth by getting plastic surgery, liposuction, fake tans, and putting themselves through insane workouts at the gym.

In the many beach photos that have been taken of her, Stephanie looks like she eats right and exercises -- but other than that, she looks pretty real. Pretty normal. It's refreshing. And it's great to see that millions around the world are sitting up and taking notice.

You go, Stephanie!


Image via Splash News

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