The Great Capri Throwdown

BodenIn what has become an epic fashion throwdown, I chose yesterday to write about the surprisingly volatile topic of capris.

Capris, to catch those of you up who missed yesterday's post, are back in fashion. The length, as seen in this photo from Boden, is slightly longer this season, and infinitely more flattering. I showed you a few pics of what to look for when and if you go shopping for your own pair.

And you? You freaked the hell out.

There were those of you who hated the new length, saying things like "they look like your pants shrunk," and the now-infamous "they make the models look like carrots." (Carrots? Really? Carrots?)

There were those who quoted Wikipedia at me and argued whether they could be called capri pants at all.

And then there were those who simply loved the look.

So to answer some of your capri questions, challenges, concerns, and demands, let me offer a little further instruction on the art of wearing capris.


First off, ignore the length you think pants should be in order to be called capris. If they fall anywhere between below the knee and above the ankle this season, you will find that hundreds of retailers are calling them capris.

Oh yes they are.

They are also calling them crop pants at all of those lengths. I think it comes down to the term that retailers think will be most searchable.

As for length, I invite you to give your pants the same test I did last year, when rolled-up crop pants became popular and I saved lots of money by rolling up the legs of my regular jeans and pants.

Roll up your pants to just above the ankle. They should still be loose fitting around your lower leg at that point. Cute! Even if you don't weigh 110 pounds!

Now roll them up a time or two more, to "traditional" capri length, where they're hugging your mid-calf. UGH. Yick. In my case, it only takes one roll to go from fab to flab. It's really amazing.

It makes sense, too. A pant that ends at the fattest part of your lower leg (mid-calf) is not going to be flattering. A pant that ends right above your ankle shows off the slimmest part of your leg. Add a pair of heels or wedges (the look with longer capris this season) and you'll look even longer and leaner.

Still confused? Let's review:

WalmartBad capris. (Walmart)

YOOXGood capris. (YOOX)


NordstromBad capris. (Nordstrom)


Neiman MarcusGood capris. (Neiman Marcus) (Bad shirt.)


TargetBad capris. (Target)

Saks Fifth AvenueGood capris. (Saks Fifth Avenue)

Any questions?


Images (top to bottom): Boden, Walmart, YOOX, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Target, Boden

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