Capris Are In! Here's How to Wear Them.

J.CrewI'll be the first to admit that I hate capris.

They're like the mom jeans of summer.

Believe it or not, though, capris are high fashion this season -- provided you know how to wear them.

That's right, ladies. You must be very careful with the length of your capris, lest you end up with that stumpy, matronly look that gave capris a bad reputation in the first place.

J.Crew does capris right, so I'm using their capri catalog photos as an example. Check them out and if you can afford J.Crew prices, I highly recommend their pants. If not, find a more affordable pair and use these photos as a point of reference.

Now. Take a look at the model to the right. Notice what makes these pants work?


It's the point that these Cafe Capri pants (J. Crew, $79.50) end on the model's legs -- right above her ankle.

It is CRUCIAL that you find capris or cropped pants at this length. This length is flattering, it's suitable for warmer weather, and it prevents that stumpy capri look. You can also still take your regular pants and roll them up a couple of times this spring to get the look.

For another example, check out these Oxford Scout Capris (J. Crew, $69.50), which are a little more casual than the Cafe version. Don't be afraid to elongate your leg even more with a pair of chunky heels or wedges- That's how J. Crew accessorized most of its capri pants looks.


J. CrewI'm personally in love with these Minnie pants (J.Crew, $79.50), which are sort of like skinny capris and come in lots of different colors and fabrics. I splurged on a twill pair last spring and they were the best buy ever, because they hold up really well in the wash and moved right into fall and winter by looking like riding pants when I wore them underneath my boots. They're my husband's favorite pants on me and I end up wearing them at least once a week.

J. CrewFinally, J. Crew even has a toothpick denim capri cut (J.Crew, $98-$125) that intrigues me. Think I'll be checking these out the next time I'm in the store! White denim is HUGE this spring, by the way. I'll have to do a separate post on it later.

Do you wear capris? What do you think about this slightly longer take on the trend?


Images via J. Crew

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