A New (& Awesome) Way to Avoid Hair Maintenance

If you're anything like me (and many other moms) and you let it go way, way too long between shampoos and trips to the hairstylist, hair shadz by Monimay could be your new favorite product. It's a cross between a sunscreen for hair, root blender, and dry shampoo that is easy to carry around for quick touch-ups.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of dry shampoos since I have thick hair that tends to dry easily. I really only wash my hair three times a week max, so I like to clean it up a little with dry shampoo on the days I don't wash. But I was skeptical of a product that had color, too.

Still, I was lucky enough to get a free sample, so I gave hair shadz a try and I'm so glad I did.




The first time I tried it, it had been about eight weeks since my last color and it was starting to show. Some gray (OMG! I am only in my early 30s!) was growing in at the roots and I was starting to get self-conscious. It had also been a couple days since my last shampoo.

I was pretty freaked when I saw the powder, but tried it anyway. It didn't completely cover the gray, but it sure made it look less obvious. More importantly, it blended to perfection, so there was no powdery residue look, which would be so unattractive.

One annoying thing that did happen was I once used it right before I went to the gym and it left streaks of black down my face, so I would warn against using this on days where you expect to sweat profusely. Besides that, it's fantastic.

It costs about $30 and you can buy refills of the powder, but it also seems like it would last a while. It's definitely worth it. I felt much more confident and actually used it even on days I did shampoo just to cover up the areas where I was self-conscious. This is kind of a must-have/genius product for the busy mom.

Do you use dry shampoo? Would you try this?


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