How To Buy Clothing From Movies and Television Shows

Riding in Cars with BoysMost of us saw the movie "Riding in Cars with Boys" when it came out. After all, if you're reading this blog, you're probably of the Drew Barrymore generation, women who were kids with Drew during the "ET" years and loyally follow her today because, well, we grew up together.

Anyway, perhaps you remember this scene from the movie. If so, you'll be interested to know that this entire outfit from the film is available for you to buy.

How is this possible, you ask? Read on and find out!

Reel Clothes

A website called Reel Clothes sells clothing, accessories and props worn on the screen by some of your favorite actresses, from Christian Bale to Jennifer Aniston. Drew Barrymore's outfit (which includes the dress, sweater and headscarf) costs $850 to purchase, but most items are much less.


Pamela AndersonEver wanted to walk a mile in Pamela Anderson's shoes? (It looks like it wouldn't be easy!) Now you can with these $350 silver platform sandals she wore in her TV series, VIP. By the way, Pamela wears a size 8. Interesting ...


Meryl StreepMeryl Streep's swamp outfit from the movie "Adaptation" is available for $275. Who knew Meryl wore size 10???

Sarah Jessica ParkerOr score this dress worn by Sarah Jessica Parker (size small, natch) in "Life Without Dick" for $275.

Even if the prices are too high for you, it's fun to look at all the clothes worn by celebrities and see what sizes they wear. *snicker*

Would you buy an outfit from a movie? Which outfit would you like to own?

Personally, I'd love to own the black and white horse race dress from "My Fair Lady." *sigh*

How about you?


Images via Reel Clothes


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nonmember avatar Kathy Newman

One of the happiest days of my life was when I saw this really expensive dress that I bought and wore for my PhD oral exams on one of the characters on Melrose Place, my favorite show! Overall I think that movies are less influential than they used to be on fashion; TV and blogs are more important. I want pretty much everything everyone wears on Mad Men. Especially the foundation wear!

mrsda... mrsdangelo

If I were the right size, I would totally buy anything Meg Ryan wore in "You've Got Mail." Love love love her character's style in that one! Oh, or the silver Manolos Carrie "registers" for in he episode where her friend has a baby shower and her shoes get stolen. Gorgeous!

Anne Sambora Ginsberg

If I could fit into it, I would buy the green and white gown that Vivien Leigh wore in the Twelve Oaks barbeque scene in Gone With the Wind.  Gorgeous!  Where would I wear it?  Who cares, it's a fantasy!

And there was this sweater that Demi Moore wore in About Last Night that I searched for in stores for years and never found.  I finally concluded that it had been made especially for that movie (it was the white cowl neck sweater with black scrollwork embroidery).


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