Is This Tina Fey InStyle Cover a Photoshop FAIL?

Tina FeyWho doesn't love Tina Fey?

Not only is she hilarious, but stylewise, she's pretty while still managing to seem real --

at least until InStyle got hold of her!

Fey is featured on the April cover of the magazine, and while she certainly doesn't need to lose any weight, it's hard to believe she's quite this thin.

In fact, critics are charging that her torso was airbrushed out from the other side of the pole -- and I'm inclined to believe them.

I mean, wouldn't at least some of her shirt be visible there? It's not a very thick pole.

And what is that pole even there for, anyway?

But that's not the only thing wrong with this photo ...

Did you notice that Fey's natural laughlines and crow's feet are gone entirely from her face?

Seriously, the woman's 41. It's not going to shock us to see a few small wrinkles!

Obviously, this happens on every magazine cover -- but on this one, the airbrushing manages to make her look devoid of expression, and that's simply a look we're not used to seeing on Tina Fey.

I'm not loving it.

With this photo, InStyle has managed to Photoshop out Fey's personality and make her look like a stranger.

What do you think of Tina Fey's InStyle cover?


Image via InStyle

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nonmember avatar Cady

I didn't even notice her size when I saw this the other day. I just immediately noticed how strange her face looked. I actually took a second glance when I was passing by to make sure it was her.

Laneydo Laneydo

Yeah she just looks weird, her face looks like plastic...

JenBr... JenBrooks76

Her face,the pink, the pole-it is all just so wrong! WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU TINA!?

Linds... LindsayFerrier

It's interesting because we're so used to seeing these young, expressionless, Botoxed actresses on the magazine covers, but when you see someone Photoshopped who generally has PERSONALITY, it's shocking to see that personality erased in the name of perfection!

nonmember avatar June

Wow when i picked up my mail....actually said ughh... Instead of my usual yay it's here! My 4year old asked mom whats wrong... Couldnt explain bad airbrusing. Tina is great but Instyle ... What happend???


I'd much rather see a more realistic Tina Fey--because she's as cute as pie the way she normally is.

BusyM... BusyMommaX4

It looks ridiculous and you can tell that the other half of her body is definately shopped out even if she is super skinny, she still has another hip...DUH!!!!!!

nonmember avatar CRis

Wow! The poor idiot that photoshopped this is probably getting fired! Such a terrible job!! We love you Tina Fey!

josep... josephsgirl86

I agree she is photo shopped just  like any other magazine cover is. I mean seriously where is the rest of her boob? Should that be sticking out a little on the side of the pole too or did it smash it in? lol!

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