Hate Pink's New Haircut? So Does She.

PinkPink didn't look too happy at last week's premiere of The Lincoln Lawyer in Hollywood, and neither were many of her fans after they saw this photo.

The pregnant pop star was roundly criticized for her new 'do, which frankly looked one of those bangs accidents that kids have when they're little, where they keep cutting their bangs shorter and shorter because they can't get them straight.

Well, it turns out that Pink's sour demeanor may have had to do with the fact that she hates her haircut, too!

Here's what Pink had to say about her new look on Twitter ...









Poor Pink!

This serves as a reminder that EVERYONE gets a bad haircut every now and then.

I'm thinking Pink really was devastated by this cut, too, because the next time the paparazzi photographed her, she wore a hoodie that she never removed.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for Pink that this cut grows out SOON!

And? In honor of Pink's horrible haircut, I want you to tell me about your worst haircut experience.

Mine was in sixth grade, when I went from long, luscious locks to a near-pixie cut, which didn't do my baby cheeks any favors! I shudder every time I see photographs from that year.

What about you?


Images via Kevin Winter/Getty Images and Twitter

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