Kate Middleton See Through Dress Sold! Will New Owner Wear It?

kate middleton dressWho knew that a handful of lace was worth so much. The barely-there dress that the princess bride wore at a fashion show in college, nine years ago, was sold at auction yesterday to the highest bidder. Originally the auctioneers estimated the frock would go for around $13,000, but the Kate Middleton see-through dress went for $125,000.

If you're wondering who bought it, it was Nick from Jersey who sent an agent on his behalf. I think the real story here is who the heck is Nick from Jersey, how is he so rich, and will he wear Waity Katie's dress?


So far it remains a mystery, but all I can tell is by "Jersey," they don't mean "New Jersey." They mean the original Jersey, which is an island in the English Channel between England and France. Anyone else hoping it was some peripheral cast member of the New Jersey Housewives who maxed out 10 credit cards to buy this dress he was nowhere near able to afford?

Turns out he's a collector and this dress will fit right in with what he's already got. Kate wore the dress back in a fashion show at the University of St. Andrews in 2002. The dress is made of knitted black and gold silk with a turquoise band at the top -- the tag says it's a US size 8. Charlotte Todd is the designer, and apparently, people have been knocking down her door for more ready to wear. I personally am in no rush for a transparent nightgown, but I guess I'm alone in that.

The dress, which to me looks more like a Halloween costume someone might wear to be a sexy fish net, does in fact have a romantic history. Reports say that when Prince William saw Kate in this outfit, he fell for her. I'm sure every other guy in the room had the same reaction, but the Prince gets what the Prince wants.

Kudos to Kate for having the forethought to walk down the runway in her underwear. If I ever find myself in a situation where there's royalty in the crowd, look out: I'm stripping in the name of fashion and charity.

Do you like the dress? Would you buy it if you could?

Photo via Ian Gaven/Getty

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