Springtime Perfume Scents We Love

Nothing says "spring is here!" more than shaking off the winter weather, over-sized sweaters, mittens, and coats with a little more skin and a new scent. When cold, crisp air gives way to sun and some warmth, most perfume lovers like to shed heavier scents for more floral or sweet scents that match their new mood.

But what makes a really great spring scent? It has to remind me of walking through newly budding fragrant trees of lilacs or finally smelling the sweet scents that waft from sidewalk cafes that have finally reopened their doors. It has to carry the scent of renewal and energy and in with the new, out with the old.

It's a tall order for a perfume, believe me. But here are a few spring scents that do it:


Sarah Jessica Parker SJP NYC: $35

This perfume has a colorful bottle, which always brings out a spring mood. Its fruity floral scent includes a whiff of wild strawberry, making it the perfect scent to rock for a late spring, early summer evening when the strawberries are just at their ripest and you can wear a dress without a shoulder wrap and open-toed sandals. Sigh.

Lolite Lempicka: $50

Easily my favorite spring/summer scent, Lolita Lempicka blends the sweet scent of ivy leaves and aniseed with violet and iris root. It has a lasting note of vanilla and musk that makes it a very sensual scent for nights on the town or with your spouse.

Pacifica Brazilian Mango Grapefruit: $22

This fragrance blends the scent of fruits—the mango and the grapefruit for a light, playful fragrance that brings you perfectly into summer readiness. There are undertones of pineapple, fleshy mango, and tart grapefruit. It also comes in a roller-ball, which is an even lighter scent that is easier to throw into a beach bag or purse to freshen up and reapply.

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom: $40

DKNY has a base of juicy apple, which is light, springy, and delicious, of course.

Dior 'Miss Dior Chérie L'Eau' Eau de Toilette Spray: $85

This new scent combines strawberry leaves, pink jasmine, caramelized popcorn (!), strawberry sorbet, and more for a scent that will leave people wanting more.

What is your favorite spring scent?

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