'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Models Get Hot for Tyra

Brittani America's Next Top Model

ANTM contestant Brittani

In its 16 seasons, America's Next Top Model has never really been about making the contestants comfortable. With everything from full-on nudity to swarms of bees ... if you want to be America's next big fashionista, you have to be a risk taker.

Surprise, surprise: Last night's episode of ANTM was no exception. All 10 girls remaining were lit on fire and sent down a runway. Yes. THEY LIT THE GIRLS ON FIRE.

Seriously, when is someone going to sue Tyra Banks??


On last night's episode, the girls arrive to the catwalk and find out that they will be walking a runway amidst a row of flames. And it gets even hotter when they find out that they, too, will be on fire. OK, I'm officially concerned. Really, after Banks made all of the girls hysterically cry by essentially asking them to outline the things that they hate the most about themselves, I didn't really know if it could get worse.

... But then I watched as the girls slipped on fire-proof gloves, listened to their excitement about the big runway moment, and I felt a bit better. So really, they're safe, everything is under control, and it seems like a fun chance to warm up the competition. One by one, the models walked out onto the runway, wearing their gloves and holding a coal, lit their palms on fire, and worked it out. Seriously, can you imagine walking down a fiery runway? With a certain look of empowerment in their eyes, they looked fiiiierrrrccce.

Not to mention -- I can honestly say this is the first time I've really wanted to buy something the models were wearing. The clothes, courtesy of Geoffrey Mac, who has taken his turn styling Lady Gaga, were to die for. FYI: I'm now accepting all Mac donations and knockoffs.

Don't worry, the heat didn't stop there. The girls' next task was to film a commercial for "Fierce Roast coffee" in a Mad Men '60s seductive style. It's not really normal for Top Model to give the girls a shot at a commercial this early on in the game, but I think it did them well. Model Kasia outshined the rest of the ladies, using her full figure and sultry shape to her advantage. And when it came time for panel, Sara, an 18-year-old feminist from Texas, just wasn't comfortable getting sexy for the cameras, and was sent home.

It seems like the competition is really firing up (pun intended). I can't get over Kasia's confidence ... it's really wonderful to see the "larger" girl (mind you, she's probably a size 4/6 TOPS) outshine the competition. I just can't wait to see what stupid thing Tyra makes them do next week. At least I know things aren't going to get dull, right?

Who's your favorite this season? Would you walk down a runway lit in flames?

Image via Jaimie Trueblood/CWTV

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