Man Has 82 Tattoos of Julia Roberts, Why??? (VIDEO)

How many tattoos of Julia Roberts is too many? If you ask me, I say one is more than I would ever get. But Chilean newspaper salesman Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic, 56, feels a little differently. The man has spent $4,000 so far covering his entire body with pictures of the actress.

So far, the grand total of tats is 82 (82!), but he says there is room for more (where?). I'm not sure whether to laugh or to cry.

Apparently this obsession started after he saw Erin Brockovich, which was admittedly a good movie. But, um, just HOW good was it? Good enough to make an altar to the lead actress on my skin? Nope. Probably not that good. See the video below:


Don't speak ill of Julia Roberts, either. According to PopEater, Bukovic won't have it. His tattoo artist said:

Once I was talking to him about Pretty Woman. And no, he doesn't like me to talk about Julia Roberts [in that film] because she's a prostitute there.

I wonder how Julia would feel about all this. If I were her, I would be beyond creeped out. One downside to fame no one ever talks about? The potential that someone could cover themselves with tattoos of you.

There are just so many questions about this. Stars grow and change over time, right? What happens if she pulls a Mel Gibson and becomes full-on psycho, then what? This poor guy will be removing the tattoos for the next 20 years. The cost! The pain!

Lucky for him, Roberts seems like a pretty stable star to hang all his love on. Plus she has a huge arsenal of movies to choose likenesses from. But all the same ... weird, no?

Of course, this is much better than the Twilight tattoo freaks or the Robert Pattinson fans. But really, there is a line between fan and stalker, and I am thinking this dude has crossed it and made lunch on the other side.

What do you think? Is this devotion or insanity? Is there any star you would get a tattoo of on your body?

How would you feel if you were Julia?


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