This Is What a Non-Retouched Model Looks Like (PHOTOS)


makeup foreverI'm so tired of Photoshop fails. I'm even tired of that phrase. The thinned waistlines, the missing limbs -- models these days seem to be airbrushed beyond human recognition. But there's hope. Cosmetic line Make Up For Ever is just as fed up as we are and has decided to do something about it. The ad wizards behind the brand came up with something so revolutionary, so unheard of, and so exciting that I think they may have spun the Earth out of orbit.

The beautiful women modelling the makeup in the advertisements are not retouched. Commence. standing. ovation. of. slow. claps.

Color photos from the campaign after the jump!

I can't believe, yet I can, how this has never been thought of or done before in recent memory. There was that Real Women Dove campaign, but when it comes to models, this might be the first I've heard of a brand taking a stance against retouching. What a fantastic way to showcase a makeup line -- naturally!

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The models look great. I'd buy the makeup. They're noticeably missing that high-gloss look, which I will not complain about. (I think the entire series of The Hills was filmed with this high-gloss coating over the camera lens, am I right? When did LC ever look tired.)

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Not only is it a brilliant way to say to customers that with Make Up For Ever you don't need retouching, but it's an excellent way to build brand support and identity. 

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I'd never heard of Make Up For Ever before, but I'm already in love. I hope more brands take action like this and just say no to the retouching wand. We want to see what clothes really look like on real people and what eyeshadow looks like on real eyelids. Kudos, Make Up For Ever.

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What do you think of their ad campaign?

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RanaA... RanaAurora

I think that's an awesome idea.

pinki... pinkiebling

I love this, and I am already a devoted fan of their foundation. Yay, MFE!

vamom08 vamom08

Its good that their expressing natural beauty

cek302 cek302

If super models all decked out with professional products and stylists can't look amazing without touch ups then what is the point!! About time!

RoseMay RoseMay

They need to show the same pictures with retouching and without, side by side.


nonmember avatar drew

This makes me so happy!
And the mufe HD foundation really is that great- I bought it to wear at my best friend's wedding, and now I wear it all the time. It doesn't make me break out, either.

Addys... Addys_Mom

RoseMay, thats the beauty of it, there is no retouching! Their ads have a seal on them stating they were not retouched and that they have been notarizing as such. I think its pretty awesome.

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