Informercials: What Have You Bought?

I was first wooed into buying as seen on TV products many years ago after watching the Proactiv infomerical about a dozen times. I don't think I admitted it to anyone until I had a talk with my sister about face wash and she told me she bought Proactiv, too. We both loved it.

Earlier this year, I bought Kinoki Foot Pads and the PedEgg.


The foot pads should not be tried if you ever want to get intimate in your bedroom. I'm serious. They smell so bad. I live in NYC and smell bad things all the time. The smell after wearing a detox foot pad is what I would imagine the sewers under the subway to smell like. The odor seeped into my mattress and was hard to get rid of.

Did I detox? Maybe. I didn't wear them long enough to see the process through.

But the PedEgg...I love! Basically it's like a cheese grater for hard calluses. I know, gross, but it really works for me and is great when I am between pedicures.

Have you tried any as seen on TV products?


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