Informercials: What Have You Bought?


I was first wooed into buying as seen on TV products many years ago after watching the Proactiv infomerical about a dozen times. I don't think I admitted it to anyone until I had a talk with my sister about face wash and she told me she bought Proactiv, too. We both loved it.

Earlier this year, I bought Kinoki Foot Pads and the PedEgg.

The foot pads should not be tried if you ever want to get intimate in your bedroom. I'm serious. They smell so bad. I live in NYC and smell bad things all the time. The smell after wearing a detox foot pad is what I would imagine the sewers under the subway to smell like. The odor seeped into my mattress and was hard to get rid of.

Did I detox? Maybe. I didn't wear them long enough to see the process through.

But the PedEgg...I love! Basically it's like a cheese grater for hard calluses. I know, gross, but it really works for me and is great when I am between pedicures.

Have you tried any as seen on TV products?


Have you purchased products from an infomercial?

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Peajewel Peajewel

I own the egg too.  I bought it at my grocery store though not on an infomercial.  I have bought a few exercise videos.Although they all really did look like they were having fun when I saw them on TV, I however did not have fun and to be honest felt I could have been being tortured by a bunch of really good looking, skinny people.  At one point on one of them I am sure I heard them mocking me.   (Tee hee)  Seriously though, I try hard to stay away but sometimes, they pull me in.

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

LOL! I forgot I own Buns of Steel. It's collecting dust, but I know what you mean, Peajewel...while I was sweating and trying, the ladies in the video were smiling with a face that seemed to say "this is easy, why can't you keep up?"

Knoxv... KnoxvilleDoula

We bought the razor sharpener -- and it is amazing. Our mil got us the Peticure (something I would have never gotten) for our dogs -- a total waste of money. I ♥ the Egg. Although, I must say I don't order off of TV, I wait until they hit a local store.

maisah maisah

I got ShamWow, PedEgg, Magic Bullet,  and a few other things, I love how they work. Some things that I have I waited also for them to get into the stores... like the lady that has the sandwich maker but you can create many dif meals in it .. I like it cuz you can do easy on the go meals, just something for the kids to use....Dang I can not think of the name of it... I know it when I see it.... she is a lil red head lady... older woman....very spunky, I love her ideas except the microwaveable noodle cooker.

Linds... Lindsey1982

I have bought TurboJam videos. They are great! It's a kick boxing/dance workout choreographed to really fun music like you would hear in a club. I love it and have done it everyday for the past couple of years. Best infomercial investment ever! I would purchase the shamwow.

Mama0... Mama0f3grlz

My MIL bought the PedEgg for my DH and it's completely useless.

Lumin... LuminousMom

my best friend has "the magic bullet" and she uses it all the time, on her myspace it says "The magic bullet is my life". The thing is.. apparently there is an adult toy with the same or similar name.. which has caused some confusion for her, lol.

Ricky... Rickysmom507

to maisah...that was driving me crazy after I read your's called the GTXpress grill...

M_Hester M_Hester

I just purchased something on QVC for the first time ever!! It was an NFL sweet shirt. Got it extra large and it runs small. Well merry Christmas to me. lol I tried It's worm too.

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