Kate Middleton See-Through Dress Snagged Her a Prince

kate middleton see-through sheer dress auctionWell, would you looky here -- if it isn't the racy see-through dress that Kate Middleton wore back in 2002, when she snagged first sight of the royal crown? I guess it's not that surprising that a sheer dress like this (combined with a body like hers!) got the attention of young Prince William, especially when she was wearing it, in all her glory, for charity.

Wow, those royals sure know how to make a horny, young prince into a do-gooder, don't they? He was ogling Kate's hotness "for a good cause," right? *wink wink* And this brazen little smock just keeps going the distance ...


Kate Middleton originally wore this scanty dress back when she was a student at the University of St. Andrews and participated in a charity fashion show. And now, the dress is to be sold to the highest bidder at the "Passion for Fashion" Auction event, held by Kerry Taylor Auctions in London.

The hand-knit silk dress -- which was originally and sort of obviously a skirt -- was "designed" by former student Charlotte Todd for the charity show’s theme "the art of seduction." And like other dresses tied to sexy political hookups that came before, it was safely tucked away for its day of revival -- which is today.

Todd told Newsweek,

I had an idea the relationship would go the distance. There was so much interest [in the dress] from overseas -- it was quite a lot of responsibility on my shoulders.

Oh yes, that's a really tough situation to be in, I imagine. Haha. The dress could bring in anywhere from £8,000 to £10,000 -- about $11,000 to $14,000. What a royal treasure!

If you had some extra cash, would you want to own this dress? Why or why not?


Image via SplashNews

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