Onesie Parties: The Next Big Thing?

Whitney Port

OMG, did I REALLY wear a ONESIE?!

Whitney Port, arbiter of all things trendy and former star of MTV's The City, recently attended a onesie party.

Yes, a onesie party.

Apparently, a bunch of fly 20-somethings congregated in onesies and danced the night away.

You've heard of Cosby sweater parties and preppy parties.

Could onesie parties be the next big thing?

And would you go to one?


Here's what Whitney had to say about the party on her blog:

Everyone at the club was in a onesie! It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Over 100 twenty-something year olds wearing wool and fleece full body one pieces! The only downside was that everyone was soooo hot and sweating on the dance floor! Apparently, I got a special soft and fuzzy onesie, and everyone wanted it!

Like, OMG!

You can see a photo of a onesie-clad Whitney Port here.

In the meantime, if you're looking for a gigantic onesie of your own, they're not all that easy to find, unfortunately. But I found one or two that might work:

BlueflyThis navy wool onesuit by Brighton (Bluefly, $76.49) has been marked down from its original price of $395.


SSenseI think I'd personally opt for this 3.1 Phillip Lim Onesie (Ssense, $150), which has more of a dance-friendly appeal.

Whitney's definitely not the only 20-something to attend a onesie party -- I found a few other references to them on the web. Just think, ladies! Onesie night could soon replace Bunco night in your neighborhood!

How about you? Would you wear a onesie to your next party?


Images via MTV, Bluefly, Ssense

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