Do These Pajama Jeans Make You Want to Sleep With Me? (PHOTOS)

pajama jeansSince I'm a sucker for as seen on TV products, I had to buy a pair of Pajama Jeans. They are not really pajamas or real jeans for that matter, but they look like jeans and are supposedly so comfortable you will think you are in your pajamas but you can wear them out in public. Amazing! It's like a license to wear jeggings without the grief of people thinking I forgot my pants! I want! I want!

I wear denim about 300 days of the year so I know a thing or two about jeans and have tried on many brands in an effort to find the perfect ones. Out of the 21 pairs of jeans I own, ranging from $200 to $15, the two cheapest pairs are my favorite and the ones I wear most of the time. I'm no denim snob and if the Pajama Jean people want to tempt me with promises of looking sexy and comfortable, I am sold. Plus, their $39.95 price tag sounded sweet, so I went online and ordered them. And waited anxiously for their arrival.


And I waited. And waited. And waited. They took eight long weeks to arrive. When the package finally made its appearance at my house, I tore into it with so much excitement it was as if it was a gift from David Duchovny with a note saying Wear these and I will have sex with you on (and off) the set of Californication. A dream! But no, it was just an "as seen on TV" pair of jeans and not even a pair from Citizens of Humanity. Still, I just expected ... something different than what I saw when I tore through the plastic and put them on along with the free grey crewneck tee.

modeling pajama jeans

Me in Pajama Jeans!

A little anti-climactic, don't you think? It's okay. I can handle it. It's not my best look. And these blues also weren't just $39.95. Factor in the $7.95 for processing and handling, plus tax, and we're looking at over 50 bucks for a pair of jeans that aren't really jeans but are supposedly sexy and so comfortable you will feel like you are in your pajamas. Ahem. I expected something better than my $15 cheapo pair from Forever 21 with the elastic waist that I purchased in a size up when I was pregnant. Seen here on me, no longer pregnant.


My cheap jeans -- not Pajama Jeans

Let's get back to the Pajama Jeans visual. I realize these photos may be too hot to handle. NSFW even. I know. I know. Try to contain yourselves from the sexiness that me in Pajama Jeans brings. Oh foo, I don't even want to sleep with myself IN these things!

pajama jeans

Back in the Pajama Jeans!

The wash (color of the blue) is cheap looking. Cheaper looking than my cheapest pair of cheapo jeans. The infomercial sells them by saying they are stylish, sexy, soft, and comfortable, so I expected stylish, sexy, soft, and comfortable. But in my opinion, they only delivered on half of those promises. And I can get soft and comfortable from a pair of jeggings that I wouldn't have to wait eight weeks for and would cost less than $50. Part of being comfortable in clothes is feeling like you look good, too. I'm comfortable barefoot and in sweats and a tank top without a bra, but I wouldn't wear that to the frozen section of the grocery store and feel comfortable. Still, I wore my Pajama Jeans, along with the free grey crewneck tee, to work to ask my co-workers for their opinions.

They all agreed they weren't my style. Perhaps the grey crewneck threw them off or the fact that I attempt to dress irresistibly cute each day for them (I kid! Sort of!) and this just wasn't a good look for me. But most of them felt that from far away they looked fine, but up close you could tell they were poor quality. Cheap. I really dislike the fake zipper flap stitched onto the front. Why bother? It's just like the NASCAR cars -- they don't have headlights, but they have stickers on the car that look like headlights. Why? That's valuable marketing real estate. And so is my crotch. Don't sew on a fake zipper to draw attention to the camel toe these fake jeans are trying to give me.

There's also the hot pink drawsting (another why?) and the ONE signature pink rivet on the side. Sassy!

The back and front pockets, however, totally real. And totally spaced too far apart.

I didn't mind the way my Pajama Jeans felt on -- they do have a soft fleece-like inside and they are a mid- to low-rise, which was fine. But the minute I looked at the wash and the detail on the jeans and then down at the way the boot cut didn't lay well, I just felt uncomfortable in them. I should have known though -- according to their size chart, I'm an extra small -- and I'm not an extra small in anything. Clothes with the sizing so off from typical sizing is a red flag for me. Maybe some people will love these jeans -- heck, they must, the commercial is on all the time. But I just feel like if you are going to buy a pair of jeans that end up costing over $50, cheap shouldn't be a word to describe them. And yes, I can return them for my money back, but I'll only be refunded $39.95

Would you want to sleep with me after seeing me in Pajama Jeans? Oh, wait, don't answer that. What do you think of the look of the Pajama Jeans? Would you buy them?


Images via Pajama Jeans; Michele Zipp

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