Prada Creeper Proves Many Have More Dollars Than Sense

PradaThe must-have shoes for fashionistas (not to mention... fashionist-os?) this spring are these $795 Prada Creepers.

No matter that the New York Post refers to these shoes, a cross between oxford, sneaker, and espadrille, as "clownish."

The Post reports that these shoes were immediate sellouts when they landed in Manhattan's Prada boutiques -- and there's a long waiting list for them online.

Would you wear them?


Lauren Sherman of the site tells the Post:

"Prada is known for its subversive sexiness. It's geek chic. People are sick of wearing hooker heels."

Point taken.

But surely we can find a happy medium between hooker heels and ... these.

Prada Creeper

The Creepers are equally big in the UK, where the Daily Mail reports that they sold out in a matter of days.

I think I'll be skipping this trend ... now just pray that no one makes knockoffs!

Would you wear these Prada Creepers?

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