Troll Dolls Get Sexy Makeover

Remember those troll dolls from most of our childhoods? Born in the 1960s, the dolls with the crazy, brightly colored hair that stood on end and wrinkled little faces have been defining "ugly" for years. Well, watch out world. They are seriously hot now.

With big eyes, fashionable vintage minis in a variety of colors, and lips that resemble Bratz dolls, the dolls are bound to cause ripples, but in terms of beauty, they should be happy, indeed. After all, they went from the definition of ugly to pretty darn adorable overnight, no?

What's better than a makeover? See the new doll after the jump:


In the past, makeovers on toys have earned a bad rap. Think Dora the Explorer or Strawberry Shortcake or even Rainbow Brite. The updated looks always alarmed parents. I get that. But from a beauty perspective, the troll dolls have gone from not to hot in a matter of seconds.

It's amazing that, as a culture, something we are wiling to celebrate on television and in the entertainment world, we are unwilling to embrace in our toys. Think of any makeover show you watch and then ask yourself whether it's following the same formula or not? If it is, why hate the trolls for their transformation?

We love to see the ugly ducking transform into a swan (there was, ahem, once an entire show called The Swan dedicated to such transformations). So why not let the troll dolls have their day?

I think it's kind of amazing. Who knew that those heinous little dolls that practically gave me nightmares could get hot? If there is hope for them, there is hope for everyone!

All I know is the doll that would have topped the list of "I would never want to look like" just moved closer to the front of the pack. Good on them!

Do you think the new look is hot?


Images via *Saff* and Bludgeoner86/Flickr

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