Katherine Heigl New 'Do a Giant Don't?

katherine heigl and josh kelleyLate last week we learned that Katherine Heigl chopped her hair and became the latest celebrity -- along with Jennifer Aniston and Kate Winslet -- to take the short blond bob plunge. She was out and about in L.A. quite a bit this weekend and fans had a chance to react to her new look ...

The rumor is, Heigl's new hairstyle is actually for a role (New Year's Eve perhaps?), and that she didn't cut her air to just blindly follow the trend.

I think she looks absolutely adorable out with her husband Josh Kelley. But I might be in the minority with this opinion. Check out what fans are saying about Heigl's new 'do ...


Comments from around the blogosphere were a mixed bag, and included such gems as:

From Radaronline.com

"She looks like an older, unattractive version of Sharon Stone!"


From USA Today:

"It really ages her, but everyone needs a good change once in a while!"

"I'll never understand why beautiful women want to look like men. I like long hair ..."

From Daily Mail:

"Katherine Heigl = Marilyn Monroe"


From Just Jared:

"Katherine - you are always lovely, but please grow your hair out again though."

Unfortunately, Heigl is one of those celebrities who people are obsessed with hating (even though they probably are secretly just jealous). Stars as polarizing as she is often get a lot of harsh criticism regardless of whether or not it's deserved. In this case, I think Heigl's new haircut is drawing a lot of fire, simply because some people don't like her and are vocal about it -- of course, they aren't going to like her hair.

If you think about it, Heigl's new haircut is exactly like her persona -- you either love it or you don't. (And I'm loving it.)

Do you think reaction to Katherine Heigl's short hair is way too harsh?


Image via Splashnews.com

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