Bridal Sneakers: Would You Wear Them?

Bridal SneakersWhen I wrote last week about Kate Middleton reportedly opting to wear flats on her wedding day, I was surprised at the number of you who said you wore sneakers underneath your gown.

I was even more surprised by the fact that there are PLENTY of 'bridal sneakers' available online, many of them marked up to exorbitant prices simply because they've been bedazzled and laced up with organza ribbons.

This isn't just a quirky footwear decision made by an offbeat bride or two out there --


Check out the bridal sneakers I found ... and tell me whether you'd wear them (or did!) after the jump.



Converse SneakersThese Custom Crystal Converse Sneakers (Scene Boutique, $115) would definitely work for the big day if you're willing to shell out the cash.


Advantage BridalThese Backless Sneakers (Advantage Bridal, $69.95) are decorated with pearls in the shape of hearts.  Awwwwwwww.


Advantage BridalAs an added bonus, your bridesmaids can get in on the fun as well with these Decorated Tennies (Advantage Bridal, $49.95).


The Lovely BrideNeed to add some height to your bridal sneaker look? These Helena Bridal Sneakers (The Lovely Bride, $139.95) should do the trick...


The Lovely BrideOr you could add three extra inches with these Anna Bridal Sneakers (The Lovely Bride, $139.95).


Or you could always just put on your everyday running shoes, I guess ... However, I don't recommend it!

What do you think of bridal sneakers?


Images (top to bottom): rooneg/Flickr, Scene Boutique, Advantage Bridal, Advantage Bridal, The Lovely Bride, The Lovely Bride, PamelaVWhite/Flickr

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