Are You A Shopping Bulimic?

FlickrThe New York Post reported this week on what must be a fairly new phenomenon:

Shopping bulimia.

The term refers to women who binge and purge new clothing and accessories, often by ordering them online and then returning most of what they've purchased.

Sites like Zappos and Shopbop, which offer free shipping on returns, are said to fuel the bulimic shopping fire-- and some stores have loosened their return policies in order to stay competitive with online shopping sites.

I personally find returns to be a nightmare, but what about you?

Are you a bulimic shopper?


I'll admit I'm more likely to order clothes from a site that has an actual store here in Nashville- That way, if what I've ordered doesn't work out, I can physically take it back to the store.

The prospect of boxing up an online order and going to my post office to send it back is nightmarish.

But in the New York Post story, one woman admits to spending two hours each weekend returning the online items she's purchased.


Another interesting point in the story was what happened after the store Intermix loosened its return policy and began offering cash refunds on returned clothing:

'The sales personnel immediately noticed a change in their shoppers. “Oh my God, chronic returners are now 50 percent of our customers,” exclaims a sales associate at the Upper West Side Intermix.'

That would have to be very annoying.

So what do you think about shopping bulimia? Real problem or hyped-up news story?


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