Britney Spears Photo Shoot: She Has a Tattoo WHERE?!

Britney Spears is no stranger to controversy, and a new magazine spread for Out Magazine is perhaps one of the most revealing glimpses of the pop star yet. So revealing, in fact, are the photos that we are able to see the tattoos she has on her inner thighs, which were presumably only seen in the past by those who were intimate with her.

In the April issue of Out, Spears shows off her crucifix and star ink designs, which aren't normally seen by her fans. As a mom of two, she is back in shape and wearing a black leotard in one of the shots that shows just how hard she has worked to get everything back in place.

But it's still a little ooky that we know about her intimate tattoos ...


Don't get me wrong. Intimate tattoos can be very sexy, but in our overexposed world, sometimes it's nice to have little secrets, too. After all, "intimate" implies that not everyone is privy to it, correct? How intimate is it when millions of people can see it?

That said, I am willing to put money on a theory that Spears has tattoos we haven't even seen. Recently there was a fad of women getting art placed in the most intimate of spaces. Whether Britney did or not, my guess is she is the type to go bold. So if she is letting us see these, imagine what she isn't letting us see!

My problem with intimate tattoos is never the actual tattoo itself (well, not always anyway, google "vaginal tattoos" and you will see some tacky artwork), but the whole experience of getting it. I like the idea of a secret only husband and I share. I don't like the idea of spending time in a position only my husband and midwife normally see me in with a man (or woman) I barely know.

The whole time I would be stressing about being nude, and besides all that, the ouch factor would do me in. I have a tattoo (on my arm) and the pain was bearable. Imagining that same pain on my most intimate of body parts makes me shudder.

So, thanks Brit for sharing your tattoos with the world. I now officially know you even better. I didn't even know that was possible.

Do you like intimate tattoos?

Image via Out Magazine

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