Is Kate Middleton Losing Weight For Her Wedding? So What?

Kate MiddletonTongues are wagging across the continents about Kate Middleton's apparent weight loss in preparation for her upcoming wedding day. The talk stems from a recent royal appearance in Ireland, where onlookers say Kate looked downright gaunt.

Reportedly, one woman commented on it to Kate and she responded that it was all part of the wedding plan. Now, the Interent is in a tizzy debating whether Kate should be losing weight.

Daily Mail writer Amanda Platell even compared Kate to Prince William's mother, Diana on her wedding day:

"That was the beginning of her disastrous battle with bulimia, a spectre that haunted her right to the end. I pray to God you do not succumb to the same pressures — and the same temptations."

My thoughts? Losing a few pounds before your wedding day is NO BIG DEAL.


Sure, Kate already had a perfectly toned and healthy figure before Prince William popped the question -- but if she wants to lose a few more pounds before her wedding day, it's her prerogative.

I mean, who doesn't try to lose a few pounds in preparation for her big day? I know I did... and my scales have never read that number since.

My guess is that once the wedding day has passed and things have settled down a bit, Kate will put the weight back on. If she doesn't, or if she loses even more, that's when we'll have cause for concern.

I also think it's unfair that some are criticizing her weight loss and saying that she should be a role model to young girls-- as if she's not under enough pressure already!

It wasn't until these stories came out that I realized how daunting the glare of the spotlight has got to be for Kate. Will every single move she makes now be criticized and dissected by the public?

Let's hope not!

What do you think of Kate's weight loss?


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