You Say Uggs, I Say Fabulous!

uggsI've heard I walk like a drunk duck when I wear heels. I guess it's because I wobble around bow-legged (and eat crumbs off the grass, nip at kids and stick my head in ponds but don't worry about that.) Heels and I do not mix, so I've had to stick to what I know: Flats. I've got about 25 pair of them and of course each set is totally different. There are sparkly ones, professional ones, fancy ones, casual ones, and the Uggs. "Ugh," you say, "Uggs are so fug!" Agree to disagree.

If you want to pick a fight with me on this one, careful, I've got about a billion Chinese women willing to back me up.


Women's Wear Daily went to Beijing and snapped some street style photos of all the fashionistas they encountered in Sanlitun Village and Shin Kong Place. And as Refinery 29 pointed out, six out of the eight women photographed were wearing Uggs. Yup! The Ugg trend has gone global.

This could not make me happier. The more women who wear Uggs the better. My perfect world would be one wear we exclusively wear Uggs, but I'll take acceptance of this sheepskin shoe first. Acceptance? Yes, acceptance. I feel like a lot of men and women out there judge the Ugg, reject the Ugg, deny the Ugg. It's time for all that nonsense to stop.

Ladies: If your feet are tired and your dogs are barking after just a few steps in those high heels, ditch them. Why put yourself (and us who have to hear about it) through that pain? Join the Ugg movement.

Gentleman: If your feet are tired and your dogs are barking after just a few steps in those high heels, ditch them. (That was for a select few of you.) If you're tired of having to take cabs everywhere because your lady can't walk a few blocks, if you're sick of rubbing your lady's feet at night, if you can find a woman sexy in just about anything, join the Ugg movement.

There are tons of styles and options of Uggs to choose from ... join the movement today!

Are you with me? Or do you want me to Ugg off.

Photo via UggBoy♥UggGirl [ PHOTO : WORLD : SENSE ]/ Flickr

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