Chinese Corset: One of Many Weird Breast Enhancing Contraptions


If you are feeling bad about having tiny boobs, there are at least a million products out there that can help. Just this past week, a commercial out of China revealed the Chinese boob corset, which cinches up the breasts and gives cleavage to even the tiniest of ladies. But they are far from alone in their endeavor.

Making small girls look big is big business. Here are just a few of the latest products:

The Chinese Boob Corset: The video isn't in English so I have no idea what they're saying, but I imagine the translation would be something like this:

Hey tiny boob lady! You don't have to look sad when you go into the club all B-cupped out and down. Thanks to our handy dandy contraption, you, too, can look like a medieval wench. See, they are big. Now they are small. Now they are big, now small, now big, and then small again. Awesome!

The Xtreme Bra: They claim the "wide support band" is what gives it the lift. And by "lift" they mean your boobs will become well acquainted with your chin. Mine weren't even THAT high the day they grew in!

The Shopping Bag Bra: This bra becomes a shopping bag! How inventive. And how totally weird. Why you would ever need this product is beyond me, but there it is. Actually, this is probably a joke. It just makes no sense.

Bralief: Hmm ... I kind of need this product, come to think of it. It provides lift AND keeps the bra straps up. But the best part of the whole video comes at the end. Come on ladies, get perky!

Now, of course, the only question is how to get that corset thing. After two kids, my boobs could use some help. Maybe not a boost in size, but certainly a lift would be nice. The boob corset and the others all look like products I could get used to using.

I would love to surprise my husband when he comes home from work: "Hi honey! These are my boobs!" Hook me up!

Do you want a boob corset?

Image via YouTube



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elfis... elfishpirat

This is really sad. Small breasts are our biological norm. The only time breasts are naturally large is during pregnancy and lactation. In the US at least, a gradual increase in breast size is as a result of the growth hormones found in milk and meat. Breasts are not sexual, they are for feeding children (and small breasts can do the job just as easily). Please stop trying to increase your breast size (or worse, mutilate them through surgery) and just be happy with your bodies.

Pbutt... Pbuttercup0625

Elfishpirat, you could not be more wrong about breasts not being sexual.  If they were not meant to be sexual, then we wouldn't take the care to cover them up, or dress them in pretty colors.  And from a biological stand point, if they were not meant to be sexual, then your nipples would have the same number of nerve endings as your big toe and it wouldn't feel good when your man touches them.  Yes, I think women should be happy with their bust size no matter what it is, but to deny them as sexual objects is not correct.  And the fact that you can feed your child through them, I think in my opinion makes them even more sexy.  And by your logic, your woman area wouldn't be sexual because that is where babies come from.  Seriously, your comment just sounds like you're a bitter A cup.

Zamaria Zamaria

Lol much as I hate to admit it, I totally want one of these. I am an a cup. Nothing fits right. I actually have the thing that goes under your bra and pushes up. It works, but makes it hard to breathe! So I almost never wear it.

Pbutt... Pbuttercup0625

Zamaria..victorias secret has a bra that makes it look like you have an extra cup size or two. I'm a D cup and tried it on out of sick curiosity and wow. But yeah it is kind of fun :)

elfis... elfishpirat

Pbuttercup0625: Please do some research. There is nothing inherently sexual about a mammary gland. We are the only species of animal that can view breasts as sexual, and certainly the people who do are in the minority. Out of 140 different cultures surveyed, only 14, I repeat, 14 found breasts to be sexual. That is an outstanding minority. Interestingly, the cultures that do view breasts as sexual have the lowest breastfeeding rates. A great comparison would be Chinese foot-binding. The Chinese saw small feet as attractive and sexual. There is nothing innately sexual about a foot. BUT, as a culture, they were taught to view them as sexual. It's the same with breasts. There is nothing innately sexual about a breast, but you can LEARN to view them as sexual.

FTR, I'm a D-cup, but that's because of pregnancy and lactation. K-thanks-bye

elfis... elfishpirat

I should add that your neck is an erogenous zone too...doesn't mean it's sexual. Otherwise I might have to go around covering my neck shouting

nonmember avatar Kamí

Well I definitely want that boob clamp thingie! I'm a C-cup, but my boobs are so wide apart I don't really have a nice cleavage...anybody knows where to get it? ^^

Mumma Bartlett

who the hell said you have to cover up every errogoneous zone you have? boobs are sexual, so are hands, and feet (to some) and ankles and elbows...ive always had large breasts, made larger by bfing my 4 children. seeing boobs as sexual reduces rates of bfing? not among the ppl ive actually met

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