The Boob Clamp: Best Commercial Ever! (VIDEO)

Boob ClampAre you feeling glum about your pathetically flat chest?

What you need is a Boob Clamp!

I don't really understand the full explanation of how the thing works since the commercial is in Chinese, but the gist of it is that it increases your bust by two cup sizes by somehow sucking fat globs out of your belly and pushing them up into your boobs!


You've gotta see this HILARIOUS commercial to believe it -- and you can, after the jump!



OMG, where can I get mine? WHERE?!

Part of me wants to enjoy the Dolly Parton-sized boobs my Boob Clamp would surely create ... but most of me just wants one so that I can stand in front of a mirror and tighten and loosen my boob clamp over and over and over again!

Also, you've gotta love the Price Is Right-style spokesmodel grandly waving her hands across women's boobs and butts to show the Boob Clamp in all its fat-squeezing glory!

My prediction? It's only a matter of time before the Boob Clamp makes it to the states! Watch your drugstore's As Seen on TV rack closely, ladies ... I'm betting the Boob Clamp will be on it before you can say knockers.


Image via YouTube

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