Kate Winslet Makes Platinum Blonde Even More Rockstar

Kate Winslet British Vogue cover
Kate Winslet on Vogue
Wow ... yes, that is actress and single mom Kate Winslet, 35, striking a pose for the April cover of British Vogue wearing a brand new cropped, platinum blonde hairdo.

I totally love Kate Winslet if only for the great talent with which she takes on all the ballsy female characters she plays in her films, but she also comes off as one gutsy, confident woman in every interview I've read with her.

Rockin' acting abilities and personality aside, is she getting away with this edgy new hairstyle or not?


All the lady rockstars love the bad-ass platinum blonde look. Think about it -- Pink, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, and, of course, old-school Madonna. However, can a smart, talented, no-nonsense, and typically honey-haired, Oscar-winning actress like Kate Winslet do the same? Hell yes, she can. I'm pretty sure this woman can do whatever the heck she wants.

Look at her hair! Pretty and perfectly platinum (no brassy, please!) ... Her skin ... flawless ... And not only is Kate Winslet rockin' this sizzling style, but she is also rockin' the single mama thing too -- and actually enjoying being husband-less and on her own. Shhh, don't tell Mike Huckabee.

Inside the current issue, Kate Winslet, who now split from husband Sam Mendes last year, talks about being on her own nowadays and liking it:

Experiencing those moments of being alone ... is a very, very weird flooring and exposing position to be in when you're just not used to it. And it's not just being in a relationship. It's also the fact that I grew up in a family full of people.

But I've never been lonely. And with my kids Mia and Joe that remains the case. But to be in this place now where I can say I really like this space. I really need to not have anyone around. It's a surprise to discover that I like being on my own.

What do you think of Kate Winslet's new short, platinum blonde rockstar look?


Image via British Vogue

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