Designer High-Heeled Slippers: Would You Wear Them?

PoochkisJust when you thought there was nothing new under the sun ...

Along come designer, high-heeled house slippers.

Because apparently, some women have the need to lounge around the house in high-heeled slippers, OKAY?


But the most impressive thing about these slippers (besides the confetti streamers, I mean) is the price.

Click through to find out how much these Bellissimo handmade slippers from Italy are going for.


You can get yourself a pair of designer high-heeled slippers for the low low price of $1,195!

And then when you answer the door for the UPS guy, you too will look like this:

Oh! Hello!
How can you resist these high-heeled slippers?! Here are some other selling points, according to the website:

  • Hand-knit baby mohair and patent leather
  • Accented with ribbon detail
  • One of a kind limited-edition designs
  • Polartec® inner lining: Ultra-warm, odor-resistant fabric used in the most popular outerwear
  • Rubber-sole to prevent scratching, squeaking, and slipping
  • Handmade

Oooooh la la!

So tell me, ladies ... have you been longing for high-heeled house slippers???


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