Goddess Natalie Kenly New Tattoo Is a Smart Move

natalie kenlyI have to wonder what Natalie Kenly's parents are thinking right about now. The former nanny and model, who's now one of Charlie Sheen's goddesses, has decided to show Charlie just how much she loves him. No, not with a thoughtful home-cooked meal nor a new bowling shirt, but with the permanency and delicacy of a brand new tattoo. The Goddess had his signature tattooed on the top of her foot.

At least it wasn't her breasts?


That would've been worse, right? I think so. A foot tattoo can be covered up with a shoe and is rather discreet. Charlie Sheen's John Hancock scribbled across her cleavage would've been another thing. So if she had to get a tat anywhere, the foot seems like the best option.

We can certainly question the sanity of this 24-year-old ... living with Charlie Sheen in a poly-amorous relationship at Sober Valley Lodge doesn't exactly sound like something a normal person would do. But maybe Natty is fooling us all and knows just how to spin gold from this pile of straw.

If she plays her cards right, she could walk away from this fiasco with more than just a few love bites and Charlie Sheen's signature tattooed to her body. Reality shows, magazines, and paid personal appearance opportunities will be knocking at her door. What better way to brand yourself than a tattoo? It's almost like a battle scar for which she'll forever be remembered.

All she'll have to do is point to her foot to remind us what she's been through, and why we should watch her on TV or read about her in gossip rags. That tattoo is a symbol of what kind of crazy she'll bring to any program and what kind of crazy she's survived. And who wouldn't want to watch or read about that kind of lunacy? It's a savvy move ... I hope for her sake it pays off.

What do you think of Natalie's tattoo?

Photo via YouTube

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