Flatforms: Will You Wear Them?


WhoWhatWear is telling its readers today to "go buy" flatforms "NOW" and ... well ...

I just don't know about these shoes, ladies.

I mean, I'm all for comfortable shoes, but these particular ones are looking a little bit ... orthopaedic to me.

Not to mention expensive.

However, I do love a challenge.

Can I find a pair (or more) of cute, reasonably priced flatform shoes?

Find out for yourself ... after the jump.







Urban OutfittersGet the look for a whole lot less with these wedge sandals (Urban Outfitters, $59), which also come in cognac and black.


Steve MaddenAdd height without having to wear an impossibly high heel in these Marryy shoes (Steve Madden, $89.95).


ShopBopThese Dolce Vita Espadrilles (ShopBop, $102) aren't cheap, but they sure look comfortable. They also come in fuchsia.


Urban MinxThese Nicole Platform Sandals (Urban Minx, $130.50) are my personal favorites. They also come in rich brown leather.


YOOXThese Espadrilles (YOOX, $69) aren't a bad price, and they look pretty comfortable, too!


FootCandyFinally for UGG fans, we have the Platform Thong (Footcandy, $120).

What do you think of flatforms: Comfy or Fugly?


Images (top to bottom): WhoWhatWear.com, Urban Outfitters, Steve Madden, ShopBop, Urban Minx, YOOX, Footcandy

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