What Was Your Worst Maternity Fashion Faux Pas?

PinkI love seeing photos of celebrities in their third trimester of pregnancy.

I mean it doesn't get more "real" than that.

Even the most toned, tanned, extra-small stars end up with the same elephant ankles, porn star-sized boobs, and duck walk that the rest of us had to endure during that time.

And their awkwardness makes them seem a little more... human. A little more like you and me. Also? Their attire often makes me remember my own questionable third trimester wardrobe.

Take Pink, for example. Ordinarily buff and tough, nowadays she's getting ready to give birth and wearing a comfy looking muu-muu that YOU KNOW she ordinarily wouldn't be caught dead in.

And this begs the question- What's the most embarrassing outfit you remember wearing during your third trimester?


Mine has to have been a pair of loose-fitting black Gap knit pants, which I wore pretty much Every. Single. Day. during the last two months of my pregnancy.

By the time I finally had the baby, I was ready to BURN THOSE PANTS. When I was still pregnant, though, they were the only pants that were still comfortable.

That's the worst part of the third trimester, fashionwise- At some point, even your MATERNITY pants don't fit anymore and that's just depressing.

I remember that in my second trimester, I had all these cute matching maternity outfits- but by the third trimester, it was just oversized t-shirts and those damn pants. I was so uncomfortable, I didn't have the time or energy to try to wriggle my whale-sized body into something more attractive.

What about you? What major fashion faux pas did you commit during your third trimester?


Image via Splash News

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