Lesbians Reject New Bieber Haircut

justin bieberHelpless. Alone. Insignificant. These are words I would use to describe what I felt when Justin Bieber cut his hair. The bang-swoosh was there one second, gone the next, and there was nothing I could do about it. Nothing anyone could do about it ... at least that's what I thought until I visited the website Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber.

The blog, started by lesbian Bieber-doppelganger Dannielle Owens-Reid, posts pictures submitted by, you guessed it, lesbians who look like Justin Bieber. But since his haircut, Owens-Ried says she hasn't received one submission from a woman with his new 'do. Not a one. They keep flowing in, but with the old haircut.

Two things. One: are lesbians the new litmus test for hair trends? And two: I'm a little frustrated that we still think Bieber created this haircut, so I'd like to point out the actual trendsetters who sported the look back in 2007.


Let's start with the lezzies. Owens-Ried told AOL that her fan base is not ready to accept the change from Bieber and is ignoring his new look. I say let's run everything by this group of women to see what does and does not stick. It seems that their taste in haircuts can weed out the trend from the classic pretty easily. Bieber's old swoosh is, evidently, not just a transient look, but one that's here to stay. Like skinny jeans. Bieber's magnum opus might not be one of his ballads after all, but his haircut.

Secondly, it's time someone spoke the truth. If you are a fan of MTV docu-series, high school football, and Southern accents, then you might guess where I'm going with this. A little show-that-could, Two a Days, aired on MTV for two seasons and ran August 2006 to March 2007. This diamond of a reality show followed the high school football team of Hoover, Alabama, as they tried for their fourth consecutive state title, and all the drama along the way.

More notable than their acne and indescribable love for football was their hair. Their hair. Forward-brushed, side-swept bangs that pre-dated the Bieber look by four years. These Alabamian boys deserve some credit and attention for their early adoption, if not invention, of one of the most famous haircuts in the world.

Maybe the Bieber-look-alike lesbians should track down where these players are now and see what 'dos they're rocking, and then let us know if it's trend or permanent. Inquiring hair fans want to know.

Do you think the Two a Days look turned Bieber Hairstyle is a trend or a classic?

Photo from left to right: Lesbian Who Looks Like Justin Bieber via YouTube, of Justin Bieber via jake.auzzie/Flickr, of Ross Wilson from Two A Days via YouTube

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